Good Goes Around

Brand Launch

Good Goes Around

Cranium Agency worked with the Good Goes Around team to brand and launch a new crowdfunding service for nonprofits.

Cranium implemented a go-to-market strategy for Good Goes Around that involved a comprehensive positioning strategy, a brand identity system, and unique creative to challenge the crowdfunding market.

Cranium Agency began by identifying several unique names to embrace the brands’ character, position, and unique proposition. With an extensive proprietary name development strategy, Cranium uncovered the perfect name.

Meet “Good Goes Around” – a crowdfunding service for nonprofits.

A little background: Good Goes Around believes everyone intuitively wants to make an impact on the world.

Good Goes Around supports great nonprofit causes and their specific projects you care about. They connect contributors to nonprofits with the utmost transparency.

Good Goes Around verifies every nonprofit to ensure they are active and registered. Each project is specific, giving you peace of mind in knowing how your contributions are being used.

Once the brand platform was developed, along with a strong messaging strategy, Cranium went to work on the creative.  This involved creating a new logo, identity system, print and digital advertising, in addition to a new website.

Visit Good Goes Around to learn more and contribute to your favorite nonprofit.

By the way, if you don’t see your favorite nonprofit, spread the word and let them know about this incredible free nonprofit crowdfunding service.

“I could not have asked for a better partner to help us develop this new business. Cranium worked extremely hard to make sure we have all business, branding, marketing, and creative in place to successfully launch Good Goes Around.”

~ Laurie – President, Good Goes Around